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Save the Date for Open Repositories 2020, June 1-4 in Stellenbosch, South Africa

October 8, 2018

The Open Repositories Steering Committee and Stellenbosch University is delighted to announce that the 15th Open Repositories Conference will be held in Stellenbosch, South Africa, from 1-4 June 2020. The conference will be organised by Stellenbosch University Library and Information Service who looks forward to welcoming delegates to the first Open Repositories Conference (OR) on… Read more »

Reintroducing the DuraSpace Registry

September 24, 2018

The DuraSpace Registry is a community-driven database that identifies which institutions and organizations around the world use DSpace, Fedora, and VIVO. The Registry, which answers the question, “Who’s Using”, has been significantly upgraded: https://duraspace.org/registry/ The new Registry includes a map view of installations and is viewable by project. DuraSpace is in the ongoing process of… Read more »

Early Bird Discount for Fedora and Samvera Camp in Berlin Ends Soon

September 5, 2018

From David Wilcox, Product Manager for Fedora Early bird pricing for Fedora and Samvera Camp in Berlin ends on September 14 so be sure to register [1] soon! Fedora and Samvera Camp will take place at the Berlin State Library November 5 – 8, 2018. Training will begin with the basics and build toward more… Read more »

IMLS Funds DuraSpace Fedora Investigation–Designing a Migration Path: Assessing Barriers of Upgrading to the Most Current Version of Fedora–No Collection Left Behind

August 28, 2018

The Institute of Museum and Library Services has awarded DuraSpace a National Digital Platform Planning Grant for $49,279 to investigate barriers to upgrading hundreds of U.S.-based libraries and archives running unsupported versions of Fedora. In consultation with stakeholders this project will conduct an environmental scan of relevant community initiatives, and gather primary research data to… Read more »

Fedora and Samvera Camp in Berlin: Early Bird Discount until 9/14/18

August 16, 2018

Register before September 14th to receive a $50 discount! DuraSpace and Data Curation Experts invite you to attend Fedora and Samvera Camp at the Berlin State Library November 5 – 8, 2018.  Fedora is the robust, modular, open source repository platform for the management and dissemination of digital content. The latest version of Fedora features vast improvements in scalability, linked data capabilities, research data support, modularity,… Read more »

Core Attributes of Fedora Repository Enable Complex Modeling of Data and Objects For Re-use in a Wide Variety of Instances

July 10, 2018

The name Fedora is an acronym for the Flexible Extensible Digital Object Repository Architecture. The Fedora Repository is very flexible; it is capable of serving as a digital content repository for a wide variety of use cases. Among these are digital asset management, institutional repositories, data repositories, digital archives, content management systems, scholarly publishing enterprises,… Read more »

Call for Fedora Leadership Group Nominations

June 25, 2018

Fedora Community we need you! The Fedora project is seeking two individuals from the community to be an active participant in the future of the Fedora project by serving as a member of the Fedora Leadership Group.   We invite anyone in the Fedora community, DuraSpace members (whose institution doesn’t already have a Leadership Group… Read more »

Registration Open: Fedora and Samvera Camp in Berlin

June 14, 2018

DuraSpace and Data Curation Experts invite you to attend Fedora and Samvera Camp at the Berlin State Library November 5 – 8, 2018. Fedora is the robust, modular, open source repository platform for the management and dissemination of digital content. The latest version of Fedora features vast improvements in scalability, linked data capabilities, research data… Read more »

Participate: ORCID in Repositories Task Force

June 14, 2018

Background and group scope Over the past several years, new ORCID features and increased community uptake have introduced opportunities for ORCID to serve as open infrastructure for automating aspects of repository workflow. While some repositories have developed sophisticated infrastructure that leverages ORCID to automate workflow, support for ORCID is available out of the box in… Read more »

The 2018-19 Fedora Leadership Group & Community Nominations

June 13, 2018

Fedora is excited to announce the Leadership Group for the 2018 membership year. Chris Awre University of Hull Rob Cartolano Columbia University Sayeed Choudhury Johns Hopkins University Stefano Cossu The Art Institute of Chicago Tom Cramer Stanford University Jon Dunn Indiana University Karen Estlund Penn State University Declan Fleming University of California, San Diego Maude… Read more »