Fully Hosted Solution

HykuDirect is your IT support team

  • No need to provision or manage servers
  • No need to install or upgrade software
  • No need for technical expertise in software development or systems administration
  • No additional software or hardware costs, no surprises
  • Available at any time from anywhere
  • Content is available to download at any time
  • Customized support when you need it


Set up the repository and user accounts easily

  • Add a banner image, site colors, home and about page content
  • Customize site’s terms of use, deposit agreement
  • Create and manage users and groups

Organize and manage your content

Quick access to powerful management tools

  • Content management dashboard
  • Configurable workflow - one-step deposit or optional two-step, mediated deposit workflow
  • Support for any type of resource with custom features for image-based works
  • Structured content organization
  • Ownership transfer
  • Descriptive metadata editor
  • Multi-level access control
  • Embargo support
  • Single use links

User Customizations

  • Available in English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese - with more languages to come
  • User profile, including ORCID and social media accounts

Search and Discovery

Find content quickly, on any device

  • Faceted search and browse
  • Mobile friendly
  • IIIF-compliant image viewer
  • Metadata exposed as linked data
  • Metadata published in a format compliant with DPLA profile
  • ResourceSync content harvesting

Analysing Usage Statistics

Monitor your success

  • View reports on repository contents and usage
  • Monitor system status and repository activity