VIVO is an open community, an open information model, and an open source semantic web application, supporting the advancement of scholarship by integrating and sharing information about scholars, their activities and their accomplishments.

Membership in VIVO presents an opportunity to support existing efforts and prepare VIVO to provide long-term benefits to a worldwide community.

In addition to the members, VIVO has Corporate Sponsors, who also support the project in just the same way as the members.  Clarivate is a corporate sponsor of VIVO.

VIVO is a project of DuraSpace, to realize a shared mission through an established legal and financial framework compatible with VIVO’s own vision and goals.

DuraSpace is an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit born from a vision to preserve our shared scholarly, scientific, and cultural record. DuraSpace leads the development and improvement of open technologies that provide long-term, durable access to digital assets. DuraSpace is developing strategies for managing the 'data deluge' and addressing the challenge of converting data produced by scholars and scientists into useful information.